Thursday, July 28, 2011

kaiju lover

i've seen all your monsters.

devoted and demonized,
i meet them in dark places
grappling with horns, hot dusty fur
staring into gruesome rolling eyes ~

they are the guardians
of your sleestack heart
so i beg them to devour me

jagged stalactite teeth
acid dripping neon green tongues
sizzling out my brains

my bones grown rubbery
my skull - a grail, a chalice
of insanity's lust...

i offer up this bounty
in hopes that venus velvet
will take me to the land of the lost,

to a wicked rumpus and sway
where the wilderness of you
lays shrouded and untamed

and when i say
i'm about to lose it ~
i mean the story of us,
in the magical lands
of whee and woo! 

as nightmarish skeksis shades hover
sucking at the parched tendrils
of our levity, as my life force
is dwindling, i barely manage
to exhale my last rainbow
of syllables to break
their evil spell:

"but... i LOVE you...
(gasp - sputter - choke)
ALL of you!"


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