Wednesday, February 13, 2008

soul waters

soak me 
in the you lagoon

i've just become a manatee
i swim with rare thoughts 
like rice-sheep moons

while you tempt me 
with your marrow steeple pie

i throw dusk and lemon trees 
before your sky-turned eyes

i sigh tiny wind chimes 
from the ear drum of my belly
and hem a wishing tune 
inside a secret toy sunrise

drench me
in your far-close smile,

i am the windowsill of a rain cloud
i paint feather ankles or smoke 

as you appear 

some soft special deviance, 
an injury to heal the wound...

© agn 12.20.96

Thursday, February 7, 2008

fingertips sing

i feel them below
huge naked palms
suspend my body

curve under stomach
except there is no mattress

i breathe underwater
my soft insides
nestling with 
stretchy bones

filling the finger-lined belly bowl

i feel innocent and spineless
i reach toward the shinning place 
until my sides solidify

aching and stiff 
i cry because i can not hold this 
bright sharp moon
i let go 

because they flutter and gather
the hands are like birds or field mice
cupped around my floating middle
like some vital chalice 
between this world 
and the next

i peek between 
the dim outline 
of their contours, 
shadow pictures 
on the wall

there's something 
precious, precarious, 
almost visible at times...

and discerning, i grew my own
strong and small, my fins, my hands

most times i keep these hidden 
now that i am older
they turn pages
lock or unlock
sooth and steer

unfolding others
tracing line, 
mount and apex

so many eager words;
read, predict, explain...

my hands see better
they are unblinking
and fingertips sing

© agn 6.17.97