Tuesday, January 18, 2011


crawling into the musk cavern cradle graves

sipping honeysuckle night's dark lust ~

the song that is you will travel in me through dreams

to my heart where i am born again

this feeling is new

i rest now,

i look to you

and my face heats ~

flushing with the shame of recognition,

the knowledge of my other...

the ocean sighs into my mind

rocks me slow beneath the waves

seaweeds discover my nakedness...

for with you i am without words but you have spelled me...

you are my sweet wise fierce,

you are my merlin.

2.07.09 © agn

Monday, January 10, 2011

write lover

stain my skin with ink
quell me with your feather quill
tease me with your nib

scroll down my body
steal me like a treasure map
unroll my secrets...

10.10.10 © agn