Saturday, July 21, 2012

haiku flood

water on concrete
vaporizing like ray guns
steam~punking summer!


 heartland pulsing heat
scissortails cutting red clouds
dusty pink sunset


terra-cotta sun
hay stalks lay strewn like surfers
caught in a heat wave


water falls wind shed
steam rising from cracked dry earth
rain dancer storm cloud


firefly sparking
cursed briefly by time
only embers remaining


sleep deprivation ~
eyes rolling, tongue lolling
a zombie's paradise


impromptu ambiguous
verse - a - tility


eternal eight ball
batting lashes for zero
hand slide victory

dazzle painting by my talented artist friend and animator shiro tomura 
birth and rebirth, life...
a leaf floating on water ~
stream of consciousness

Monday, May 14, 2012



on sunday,

your hand tracing

my contours ~

my lines bloom for you.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


there's a dollhouse world, where everything is alive ~ fragile, precious, life...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


wounded in the night raindrops tethering her wings butterfly mermaid

Monday, February 13, 2012


leaning into warmth
the humming grew louder

listening for indigo
her sing song sisters
thistle and swan

longing for her blue spirit child
she couldn't bear life without

the invisible chanteuse
spoke through gypsy ghosts

of impossible apple~eyed dreams
her exuberant soul of moonlit poses

full of sacred shenanigans
yet determined to find the golden bowl

climb down wisteria vines
creep inside this moss lined nest

drink deep the joy
of my waiting minstrel heart

seek me fearlessly
in this year of dragons

i have such sweetness to give
my orange blossom maiden

you are my infinite happy
love come home!


birth and rebirth, life...
a leaf floating on water,
stream of consciousness

music, the divine
voice of infinite love plays
in every heartbeat

Monday, February 6, 2012


wrapped in black leather he walks in
i smell the breath of ice angels
on his pink cheeks , his eyes wide ~
an ember, my heart now glows
and finally christmas arrives
halfway through january
and i make that solemn
promise to myself again ~
i'll grow a winter orange tree
and swallow a seed from it
or maybe two,
just for luck.


the last taste of ocean air
gossamer sweet,
filling the cotton candy lungs
of that surfer girl ~

sails shredded,
adrift in salt water,
like a forgotten mermaid
as the sky slips into itself
and another angel crosses
shibari~winged into
elysian realms

bending light
with the heartbeats
and cooing of newborns

carving a door
with rose blood
and dove feathers

this is the background noise of heaven,
the barrage of insect prayers
who could never begin to know
the wretched bliss awaiting

they would be transformed by eternal gleaners
the chaff of never-ending souls shedding hope,
an ocean of being existing
ever beyond the breath,
just out of reach.


white curtain, white cat
sunlight fades ~ twilight arrives
blue curtain...
blue cat


souls sleep with the dead
curled up inside spirit
dreaming life alive...


catalpa leaves,
yellow - golden - green
draping doves
and us


shining white biplane
deer people sing about love
sparrows shape the wind...


deep in night
silken tentacles
his hair chasing mine