Saturday, May 16, 2009


your lover,
did she have blue eyes?

was that what made
the sky seem so beautiful?

or did the clouds
find their way into your vision
seeking to veil
the lights between
your eyes and her eyes

or did the trees stretch across it
blocking the view, reaching into black night
like the fibers of her iris,
her pupil nesting twin souls,
yours and hers...

this is also why you remember
to laugh and gaze into the sun
because the sky is so, so blue...

spun into billowing shrines
of glowing lighted mirth

with no bearing on the cry of gulls
or the imploring look of a child
eager to play in wind and rain

but the feeling, the density of solemn smiling mystery,
the agile lucid sublime melody of strings within

is all the reason to forego the warnings
of electric chakra temples and silence

5.14.09 © acn