Tuesday, November 1, 2011

nature freak

tongue leafed petals

tickle wrinkly crickle rocks

gripped in the kissing grass

leap shaped limbs

languor over thick branches

warm curly bark

mossy mound huddles

beneath the sway of shouldering buckle-trunks

weaving fern fingers

splay dovetail vines

feathery strung mist

slinky red swollen root

prying loose dark silt and beaded sap

velvety shroom tops glistening

spore mongers

strain wildly in mouth mesh groves

silent explosions

murmur in musk cavern cradle graves...

1.5.97 ©agn

Thursday, July 28, 2011

kaiju lover

i've seen all your monsters.

devoted and demonized,
i meet them in dark places
grappling with horns, hot dusty fur
staring into gruesome rolling eyes ~

they are the guardians
of your sleestack heart
so i beg them to devour me

jagged stalactite teeth
acid dripping neon green tongues
sizzling out my brains

my bones grown rubbery
my skull - a grail, a chalice
of insanity's lust...

i offer up this bounty
in hopes that venus velvet
will take me to the land of the lost,

to a wicked rumpus and sway
where the wilderness of you
lays shrouded and untamed

and when i say
i'm about to lose it ~
i mean the story of us,
in the magical lands
of whee and woo! 

as nightmarish skeksis shades hover
sucking at the parched tendrils
of our levity, as my life force
is dwindling, i barely manage
to exhale my last rainbow
of syllables to break
their evil spell:

"but... i LOVE you...
(gasp - sputter - choke)
ALL of you!"


clay man

i wanted to meet
a man from earth

so i sculpted his face from clay,
upturned toward the light of day.
narrow, long and gray, handsome
he was but stubborn like a mule,
his tilted eyes full of constant mirth
wide and eager to challenge my rule.

i placed a bendi dot between his brows,
something he'd need to recite our wedding vows.

skin smooth as water,
flowing over high cheek bones
his broad smiling mouth, full of song
freely speaking but not unlike a crone's

his aquiline nose discerning
right from wrong,

as for his ears,
i've shed many tears,
they were forgotten,
a sad deterrent

chin like an otter,
in the rising current
his neck, thick and strong

but deep in his throat
adam's apple feels rotten
and barely afloat
so out come the words,

like a goat,
like turds
in herds,
sure, i've got 'er –
but marriage is for the birds.

so i placed him
below the stairway
and waited for the rain
to wash away my man of clay

but to my surprise and dismay
he was determined to stay,
for the ground was soft where he lay
and in him sprouted a piteous pain

it grew mighty fierce until
he felt his heart it would pierce
a stranger feeling was not to be had
he thought he would go quite mad

he screamed and the neighbors thought him insane
or better yet that I had become ill,
his voice so high pitched and shrill…

but still bloomed this curious vine,
creeping and pushing down his spine
he shouted, "kill me now or do it myself, i will!"
so i found a small clump of clay –

the last remaining bit
by the back porch,
and fashioned a healing charm
to keep him safe from harm
of all sorts

a bright torch
I'd lit and tied it
into his shorts…

he awoke the next day
and with chortle of glee
got down on his knee
singing, "will you please, marry me?"

i looked in the mirror,
examining my exterior,
i saw that my face had become ashen gray
i shook my mane
his pleading in vain,
and tossed my horsey head to say,

not on your life
will i be your wife!

then i ran away
far into the hills upland
where no mare
ever ought dare to stray,
he followed me begging for my hand
i neighed, nay! not even if i was drowning in quick sand!

i turned the tables
and lived in stables
i even ate hay,
but i would not marry him,
no way, never
no how –
not now!

2.07.08 ©agn

naked memories

i tried to cover them
with brightly colored leaves,

conjure up my own
as they conspire against me

fading to wet dark earth
buried and alone like me

distant in your past
close in my presence

munching on a fig leaf
with a sly grin


memorias desnudas

intenté cubrirlas
con las hojas brillantemente coloreadas,

evoque mis los propios
como conspiran contra mí

descoloramiento, la tierra oscura y mojada
enterrado y solo como mí

distante en su pasado
mas cerca en mi presencia

mastico una hoja de higo
con una mueca astuta...

5.19.08 ©agn


no one is looking
but everyone is hoping

we carefully turn each page
with the fragile expectation

of finding some reflection
of ourselves in another

and for some of us
this seems to happen;

to fall into a bone cradle
of fleshy narcissistic love

to map each other's soul
with a single hunted glimpse

to be so indulgent, blind to lust
open to unconditional synchronicity

for others this longing is betrayal
the game of coupling is beyond us

we are married to ourselves
we feel cheapened by the lovers

their quarrels and closeness
vulgar forms of entangled bliss
that will not come our way
into the waiting hours...

there must be some sacrificial secret
we have yet to learn or some vile karma
that keeps us from our own counterpart

dreaming tragic moments of a life lived so alone

makes one imagine the likelihood of final breaths

spent in the arms of a stranger only to discover

he was everything to another and you were

nothing to him:

circling high above the planet trapped and running out of oxygen
i folded myself into the embrace of that dying astronaut only to
gaze up into the face of my sister's first love...

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

dark horse

shiny, black
night's introspective

hitch hiking inversions
hades never had it better?

ruby seed thoughts
cat's eye blinking,
glimmer stained

sojourn by smoke signals
displeasure sought;

severe strategies imbued
stark solitude, isolation

yet unrevealed ~

the sky is full of lightening!

shining, black
pupils retract...


8.31.09 © agn

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


crawling into the musk cavern cradle graves

sipping honeysuckle night's dark lust ~

the song that is you will travel in me through dreams

to my heart where i am born again

this feeling is new

i rest now,

i look to you

and my face heats ~

flushing with the shame of recognition,

the knowledge of my other...

the ocean sighs into my mind

rocks me slow beneath the waves

seaweeds discover my nakedness...

for with you i am without words but you have spelled me...

you are my sweet wise fierce,

you are my merlin.

2.07.09 © agn

Monday, January 10, 2011

write lover

stain my skin with ink
quell me with your feather quill
tease me with your nib

scroll down my body
steal me like a treasure map
unroll my secrets...

10.10.10 © agn